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The Children Who Built Victorian Britain


The Worst Jobs In History - 1x06 - Victorian.mp4


Go Maggie Go!.flv

Paris - Treaty of the Damned.flv

The Bride is Already Taken.flv

That Bloody Woman.flv

Balkan Brothers.flv

French Revolution (Part 1) (HD).mp4

Addicted to Pleasure - Episode One  Opium (BBC Documentary) (Low).mp4

Imperialism  Crash Course World History #35 (HD).mp4

Archdukes, Cynicism, and World War I  Crash Course World History #36 (HD).mp4

Communists, Nationalists, and China s Revolutions  Crash Course World History #37 (HD).mp4

Selling the American Way.flv

▶ A Brief History of Haiti -- CBS - YouTube [360p].mp4

30 for 30 Soccer Stories S01E03 The Opposition - YouTube [360p].mp4

The Sixties - Season 1 Episode 8 - _1968_ - YouTube [360p].mp4

▶ The French Revolution [Documentary] [History Channel] - YouTube [360p].mp4

Joseph Stalin   Biography of one of the Most Evil Men In History (Documentary) (Low).mp4

Fascism in Italy - YouTube [360p].mp4

.Joy in the Congo A musical miracle HD - YouTube [720p].mp4

▶ BBC_ Code Breakers Bletchley Parks lost Heroes - YouTube [360p].mp4

Cold War - After Stalin (1953-1956) - YouTube [360p].mp4

The Civil War In Four Minutes - YouTube [360p].mp4

Discours de Tilbury (Elizabeth I - 2005).wmv (Low).mp4

Horrible Histories  English Civil War with Bob Hale (Low).mp4

Horrible Histories Queen Elizabeth The 1st (Low).mp4

Horrible Histories Spanish Amada 1-5 (Low).mp4

China_ Century of Revolution - China in Revolution - 1911-1949 (Part 1) - YouTube [360p].mp4

Mussolini   Italy's Nightmare - YouTube [360p].mp4

▶ Neville Chamberlain Appeasement World War II - YouTube [360p].mp4


▶ Trailer - The Blob (1958) - YouTube [360p].mp4

Hungary 1956 - Part 1.flv

Hungary 1956 - Part 2.mp4

Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain - 'Revolution!' complete episode.mp4

Foreign movies_ The Lives of others 1  _ The international film club - YouTube [360p].mp4

Foreign movies_ The lives of others 2 _ The International film club - YouTube [360p].mp4

Czechoslovakian Revolt 1968 - YouTube [360p].mp4

S01E01 - Bud Takes Up The Dance.mp4

Arming the Earth.mp4

Frontline Doctors_ Winter Migrant Crisis _ New BBC Documentary 2016.mp4


The Failure of the Maginot Line.mp4

May 1940 - Dunkirk.mp4

Teacher Resource--The Secret Government_ A Special Report by Bill Moyers (PBS 1987) - YouTube [360p].mp4

The 50s - David Halberstam - Guatemala - CIA Overthrow Jacobo Arbenz.mp4

Is education a waste of time for married women (1961).mp4

Full Episode   The Industrial Revolution   BBC Documentary.mp4

God Grew Tired of Us 2016 Full Documentary Narrate.mp4

The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century - #1 Explosion.mp4

The Great War Christmas Truce (WWI Documentary).mp4

The Dictators Playbook Episode 3 Benito Mussolini.mp4

The Most Evil Men and Women in History - Episode Eight - Joseph Stalin (2002) (380p).mp4


Camels in Qatar

Red Files: Propaganda

Red Files:  Sports Wars

WATCH LIVE Obama holds virtual town hall on policing and civil unrest.mp4

Pursuit of Pleasure -- Sugar